Folding Inserting Systems

SI-30 Folder Inserter

Automatic Folding and Inserting for Everyday Mailings

Isn't your time too valuable to spend stuffing envelopes? Now the SI-30 can do it for you, simply and efficiently. The Neopost SI-30 Folder Inserter neatly prepares your documents for mailing with ease and accuracy. It's quiet. It's simple. And you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • On-Demand folding/inserting feature
  • Daily runs up to 80 pieces
  • Simple and intuitive central control panel
  • Folds and inserts up to 1,350 sets per hour
  • secure'n Feed® double document detection virtually eliminates the risk of sending information to the wrong addressee
  • Nine fully programmable jobs for complete job changes in seconds
  • Only 16.5" wide, this system conveniently fits in any office environment

On Demand Inserting Up to 1,350 envelopes per hour
Envelope Specifications   Min Max
  Width 8.8" 9.5"
  Height 4.1" 4.9"
  Quality 18# bond 22# bond
  Capacity 100 envelopes of 20# bond
Document/Daily Mail Specifications   Min Max
  Width 5.6" 8.9"
  Height 7" 14"
  Quality 18# bond 30# bond
  Capacity 100 sheets of 20# bond
(5 sheets of 20# bond for daily mail)
Folding Capacity Recommend 1 to 2 sheets C fold
Max 5 sheets C fold / Letter fold (20# bond)
Max 3 sheets Double Parallel fold (20# bond)
Physical Dimensions Footprint 16.5"W x 24.2"L
Weight 88 lbs
Power Requirements Voltage 120 (+6-10%)
Frequency 60 Hz
Operating Conditions Temperature 60º - 95º F
Humidity 20% - 70%