Folding Inserting Systems

DS-86 Folder Inserter

Top Mailcenter Operational Efficiency

The DS-86 Folder Inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFoldŽ and flexFeedŽ technology combine with a modular design to bring you unmatched levels of productivity and flexibility. The DS-86 is also easy to use, with a color touch screen and swappable feeders for continuous operation.

  • flexFeedŽ technology give you the ability to handle any document size or paper type
  • With powerFoldŽ, you can crisply and silently fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold
  • Add optional Barcode or Optical Market Reading Solution to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents
  • Reversable full-color touchscreen for ultimate ease of use

Speed Up to 4,300 inserts per hour
Envelope Specifications   Min Max
  Width 5.5" 9.8"
  Length 3.5" 6.4"
Document/Daily Mail Specifications   Min Max
  Height 3.5" 14"
  Width 5" 9"
  Quality 15 lb. bond 42 lb. bond *
    * 67 lb. for no fold inserts
Fold Formats 1/2 Fold (single fold)
C Fold (tri-fold)
Z Fold
Double Parallel
No Fold
Thickness 2.5 mm
Physical Dimensions 18"W x 63 "L x 36"H (6 stations)
Weight 308 lbs. (6 stations)
Power Requirements Voltage 110V AC
Frequency 60 Hz