Folding Inserting Systems

DS-1000 Folder Inserter

High Performance Mail System for Heavy Use

The DS-1000 offers total flexibility in mail processing from a few hundred letters per day right up to high monthly volumes. Almost any system configuration is available from a simple 2 station machine to a highly sophisticated 16 station installation using all Neopost’s technical experience… and at a fraction of the cost of other Production Folder/Inserters.

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 can be configured with the appropriate modules to precisely meet them. Should your organization grow or change its needs, you can rest assured that you can simply upgrade or expand your DS-1200 to meet your new requirements. All modifications can be carried out on-site, usually in less than a day.
The DS-1200's fully automatic job change enables the user to complete a wide variety of applications, even involving different envelope sizes, in a single day. Operators can switch from one job to another in minutes not in one-half hour or more. This allows you to have minimum downtime between jobs.
A wide range of document and insert feeders can be located anywhere on the system to create precisely the correct configuration to suit the needs of any organization. The system will adapt to all of your transactional, transpromotional, and personalized direct mail applications.
Simply selecting a new job on the large touch screen display, download individual programs to each module of the DS-1200 in seconds, saving you valuable setup time on new and recurring applications. Even changing envelope sizes and insert thickness is handled completely and automatically by the system, in less than the time it takes to load the hoppers. The simplicity of the software means that any operator can run the DS-1200 efficiently.