Folding Inserting Systems

Dynamic Envelope Printing

Dynamic Envelope Printing is the ideal solution to meet the growing and ever changing needs of high volume mailers. This printing system fully integrates with Neopost console inserters to offer users the ability to print fixed and variable data on various envelope sizes. Dynamic Envelope Printing increases the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to place unique messages on your envelopes that will encourage customers to take action.

Capable of running in different modes, Dynamic Envelope Printing enables users to meet specific mailing requirements. Matching Mode offers the most sophisticated database management tool enabling users to run secure, targeted campaigns by confirming that each inserted document and envelope addressee are the same. For simpler application, Mailshot Mode can be run to sequentially address envelopes with advanced features allowing you to personalize envelope messages and add eye catching graphics and logos. With its high speed output and cost effective operation, Dynamic Envelope Printing will increase the effectiveness of your mailings and turn them into response generating campaigns.