Folding Inserting Systems


Increase Productivity and Expand Your Capabilities

Gain flexibility, increase efficiencyDesigned specifically to expand the capabilities of the SI-92 VersaMailer II, the VersaFeeder boosts productivity by enabling you to automatically process a larger range of mailings--from 20lb. paper to booklets up to 0.2" thick. Now annual reports, pre-packaged media, and other odd-sized materials can be processed smoothly and easily.

Easy for everyone to useThe VersaFeeder loads conveniently from the top, which means the paper path is always accessible, you can easily monitor supply, and you donít have to stop the entire system just to re-load.

Does what couldnít be done beforeThe VersaFeeder can easily process pre-packaged CD's, CD-ROM's, DVD's, and up to 400 BRE's loaded one at a time.

  • Loading on the top means no stopping to refill feeder for higher efficiency
  • Access to the complete paper path means easy access to the loading area
  • Variety of applications including 20lb paper to 0.2" booklets, pre-packaged CD's/DVD's/CD-ROM's