Letter Openers

5060 Mail Center Letter Opener

Not sure if your incoming mail will grow or not? The 5060 Mail Center Letter Opener is a perfect solution with features of our production machine and room to grow. Opening letters using the industry leading mill cutting technology prevents damaged documents with speeds up to 667 letters per minute!

in addition to speed there's no need to sort out the envelopes just load and hit the go button - it's that easy. No need for a dedicated operator. Plus you have the benefit of processing checks, communications and other critical business material through more efficiently.

Security? We have the optional counter that tracks number of processed pieces. Control? There is the optional speed giving the operator total control of how fast your 5060 will open the mail pieces.

  • Up to 667 letters per minute
  • 60 times faster than by hand
  • Handles mixed mail
  • Up to 1/8" thickness
  • Comes with catch tray
  • Stand and waste bin included
  • Protects contents from damage
  • No paper scraps
  • Operates from desktop
  • No sharp edges - no paper cuts

Speed Up to 40,000 envelopes per hour
Envelope Specifications All sizes and types
Maximum Thickness 1/3"
Depth of Cut From 0 (no cut) to 0.125"
Feeder Capacity Approx. 150 envelopes
Catcher Tray Approx. 150
Physical Dimensions 30"W x 44"L x 41"H
Weight 187 lbs
Power Requirements Voltage 115V AC
Frequency 60 Hz (2 motors x 60 watts)
Options Internal counter