Letter Openers

5070 Heavy Duty Production Letter Opener

The size alone demonstrates that this is a serious production letter opener. The 5070 Heavy Duty Production Letter Opener is a fast, flexible, versatile, and an ergonomic system. Processing mail up to 667 letters per minute using the industry leading mill cutting technology it is very robust.

What makes this a production machine? Solid industrial steel construction with 3 motors for better performance and longer life. It also has a reverse flow conveyor stacker that allows the operator to stay in place to both feed and remove opened envelopes for maximum productivity.

For organizations receiving at large amount of mixed mail the 5070 can handles any size. It also can do a thickness of up to 1/3" of all sizes and types. Just place your stack of mixed mail on the feeder and let the 5070 open it in seconds.

  • Up to 667 letters per minute
  • 60 times faster than by hand
  • Handles mixed mail
  • Up to 1/8" thickness
  • Reverse flow conveyor stacker
  • Stand and waste bin included
  • Protects contents from damage
  • No paper scraps
  • Operates from desktop
  • No sharp edges - no paper cuts

Speed Up to 40,000 envelopes per hour
Envelope Specifications All sizes and types
Maximum Thickness 1/3"
Depth of Cut From 0 (no cut) to 0.125"
Feeder Capacity Approx. 200 envelopes
Reverse Flow Conveyor Approx. 500
Physical Dimensions 30"W x 44"L x 45"H
Weight 227 lbs
Power Requirements Voltage 115V AC
Frequency 60 Hz (2 motors x 60 watts)
Options Internal counter
Variable speed control