Software Solutions

iMeter™ Postage Meter

The Neopost iMeter™ is not your traditional postage meter. With a host of value included and optional Apps, this internet connected smart device expands the functionality of your IS mailing system creating efficiencies that will help your bottom line.

Neopost iMeter ™ Postage Meter and Business Apps Provide:

  • Streamlined mail processing, saving you time and money
  • Up to 5% cost savings for Express Mail® and Priority Mail®
  • Consolidated tracking, reporting and cost savings for mail processed with eDelivery Confirmation™, eSignature
  • Confirmation™, eCertified™ with Electronic Return Receipt which provides an organized environment and can help you build better customer relationships
  • Postage Expense Management tracking and reporting to keep you abreast of your expenditures
  • Remote technicians have access to system information for quick support

From home offices and small businesses to large volume production mail facilities, Neopost USA offers a full line of mailing systems that utilize the iMeter™ postage meter and business Apps to accommodate your mail processing needs.