Tabbing Systems

TA-50 Tabber

The TA-50 quickly and easily applies a wide variety of tabs up to 1.5" to meet current regulations. Tabbing is a USPSŪ requirement for automation discounts for non-envelope, self-mailers & booklets, and the TA-50, a heavy-duty single tabbing system that tightly closes your self-mailers, allows you to take advantage of these discounts. The advanced friction fed tabbing with a placement sensor ensures proper placement of the tab on the mailpiece every time. The built-in take-up stool keeps operation clean, ensuring a simple, effortless mailing with less downtime and higher productivity.

  • Tabs up to 20,000 pieces per hour
  • Applies tabs up to 1½" diameter
  • Large, high capacity feeder stacks 375 20# bond tri-fold pieces
  • 1/4" thickness capacity
  • Tight, secure, adjustable tab folds
  • Processes a wide variety of coated and uncoated materials