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Folding/Inserting Systems

Whether you're upgrading from a manual "fold and stuff" process or improving upon an outdated or unreliable machine, you'll find the US market leader Neopost Tabletop Folder Inserter to be the best solution ever! Neopost offers a range of modular products that will automate your entire folding and inserting process, enabling you to fold, stuff and seal envelopes up to 40 times faster than by hand.

To ensure you receive maximum productivity with a Neopost product, our highly trained advisors will study your needs and sample your typical mailings to make an accurate product match for your business application.

With a Neopost folder inserter you can:

  • Dramatically reduce time spent in folding inserting activity
  • Accelerate payment of mailed invoices and bills
  • Increase communication with customers
  • Securely automate complex and personalized mailings

Folding Inserting Systems products:

Low Volume


High Volume